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Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley Camp #1535

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Ripley Camp Officers:

Commander/Webmaster John McAlister         Lt. Commander  Mark Mahan

Adjutant-Treasurer Stephen Steele        Editor Jeffrey Yoest         Chaplain Greg Kenney


Message from the Commander….

Greeting Compatriots! 

            It has been a fast and buy summer for me.  I have travelled over 5,000 miles by car since May and will book close to another 2,000 on a trip to New York City Aug 23rd.  I have been visiting old friends and going to some conferences around the country:  AL, GA,TN, NC, SC, MI, WI and MN.

            I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has reached out with sympathy and condolences on the passing of my wife Sally on April 9th. Also, if you haven't heard already, Margaret, the dear wife of our compatriot Monty Chase, is in hospice after battling the same type of cancer which took my wife Sally.  I'm sure our hearts and prayers go out to the Chase family and Monty.  Monty called me today (August 8th) and gave me the update.

Our next Camp Meeting will be Monday Sept 8th at 7 PM at the Donatos just off Polaris Parkway - 1263 Cameron Ave, Lewis Center, OH 43035.

We met there several times last year and it seems to work for everyone.  Come early if you'd like to order a pizza and spend some social time with your fellow camp members.  Also please email me any items you would like to discuss at this meeting.  It is a business meeting with election of officers and planning for the upcoming year.

            I would like to thank everyone who participated in the Camp Chase Memorial Ceremony on Memorial Day. It was well attended.  We owe a special thanks to Jeff Steiner and the men of the 5th Kentucky who served as honor guard.  Also Dennis Ranney has been cranking out biographical information on the buried soldiers at Camp Chase faster than I can keep up with.  We're building more content for the Camp Chase webpage which our camp sponsors.  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on the 8th of September.  Have a great August.

John McAlister, Commander, Brig Gen Roswell Ripley Camp #1535

Treasurer’s Report

Treasurer Steele reports there is currently $956.58 in our treasury.

Dues are due! Everyone should have received their notice from Treasurer Steele. Please send in your checks in a timely manner to avoid irksome “reminders” and late penalty fees.

Clark Marker

The completed application for the Clark Marker was forwarded to the Ohio History Connection a month ago, and Treasurer Steele has sent the check for the required cost. Donations from within the Camp covered all but about $100, which was taken from the general fund. A dedication will be scheduled sometime this autumn. Thanks to those who donated to bring this effort to completion.

Thanks sent to past Director, Dayton National Cemetery, Bernie Blizzard….

 Dear Mr. Blizzard,

            Not long ago, after our annual memorial service at Camp Chase Cemetery, several of us members were lamenting the fact that you no longer were the Director of the Dayton national Cemetery. We all agreed that in all the years of our association with the VA to plan our ceremonies, you were the best! It was obvious that you sincerely cared for the cemetery and had a respect for the memory, sacrifices and suffering of all those Rebels that perished as prisonors so far from home. Working with you was a pleasure. Perhaps it’s your background as a soldier. Whatever the source of your sentiments, you will forever have our gratitude. Also, the cemetery grounds look wonderful due to your efforts. Thank you.

            We offer our best wishes to you for whatever endeavors the future holds for you.

Sincerely and with appreciation,

Jeffrey Yoest and all the members of

Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley Camp #1535, Sons of Confederate Veterans.”


New Officers of the SCV

Commander in Chief, Charles Kelly Barrow

Lt. Commander in Chief, Thomas V. Strain ,Jr.

ANV, Commander-Randy Burbage, Councilman- Ronnie Roach

AOT, Commander-Larry McClunney, Councilman- James Patterson

ATM, Commander- Charles Lauret, Councilman- Paul Gramling 


From the New Commander in Chief, Charles Kelly Barrow…. 

“Compatriots and Friends,
            Let me take this time to tell you what an honor it is to be elected as your Commander-in-Chief. Words cannot adequately describe my feelings. I am humbled to hold an office that only seventy-three men before me have held. It is my pleasure to be a thirty-five year member of the SCV. I remember attending my first Lee-Jackson Banquet at Aunt Fanny's Cabin in Smyrna, Georgia where all of my family was inducted into the SCV, UDC and CofC. It was a special moment for me but little did I know what the future held.
            Through the unity of our organization and the strength of our Confederate Ancestors, we shall continue to move forward to be the preeminent authority on Southern heritage. There are many days ahead of us in the Sesquicentennial and beyond that give us opportunities to promote and honor the heroic deeds of the men and women of 1861-1865. By their examples we can learn a considerable amount; it is our ancestors who endured "Total War" from an illegal invader. Today, like our ancestors, we must also choose to stand fast or retreat? They knew their duty, do we know ours? General Robert E. Lee once said, "Duty then is the sublimit word in the English language, you should do your duty in all things, you can never do more; you should never wish to do less."
            The Confederate soldiers we honor and whose DNA flows in our veins took a stand to proclaim to the world the values of our American Liberties and their commitment to its Cause. Those Principles of 1776 and 1861 are still alive today. Friends, let us reconfirm our commitment to those liberties and the Cause which we hold so dear.

            I would like to close with a quote from Jefferson Davis' proclamation from April 5, 1865 in the capitol in Danville, Virginia. "Let us not, then, despond, my countrymen; but relying on the never-failing mercies and protecting care of our God, let us meet the foe with fresh defiance, with unconquered and unconquerable hearts."
            I now ask you to make a stand as they did, to be unified with others of the same mindset and lineage. As with anything in life, a unified group is more effective than any individual could ever be. I hope you will join me as we honor our Confederate ancestors and as we re-dedicate ourselves to those Principles of 1776 and 1861. May God Bless You and My God Bless the Sons of Confederate Veterans”. 

Commander Barrow welcomes the new Executive Director, Lt. Col. Mike Landree 

            “The Sons of Confederate Veterans has been blessed to have Ben Swell as Executive Director for 12 years. Under his leadership, the SCV has prospered and flourished with his expertise. When Mr. Sewell announced that he would retire, it was known that it would be difficult to find someone of the same caliber.
            In Charleston, at the National Reunion, it was announced that Lt. Col Mike Landree, USMC, will follow Mr. Sewell as Executive Director. It is an exciting new chapter for the SCV, and I feel like Lt. Col Landree will continue to lead the SCV into the future. Lt. Col Landree will begin in his new position on December 1, 2014.
            So at this time I would like to say welcome aboard to Lt. Col Landree and God Speed to Mr. Sewell”.

 As most of you are probably aware, there has been a

Controversy in Lexington, Virginia.

The following was taken from e-mails sent from SCV HDQTRS…. 

            Recently Washington & Lee University President Ken Ruscio announced the university would remove the eight regimental Confederate Battleflags surrounding the famed recumbent statue of Robert E. Lee in Lee Chapel. The statue chamber and the Lee family crypt were built onto Lee Chapel as the site chosen for the Robert E. Lee Memorial using private donations raised for the purpose. As such the university accepted the responsibility to ensure that Lee's burial place would be given the proper respect it deserves and it did so for well over one hundred years.

            Sadly, the once proud Southern school has become infiltrated more and more with radical ideology and the academics running the school no longer share the same values as Robert E. Lee. Instead many overtly and openly proclaim disdain for him. When Lee's character was recently attacked, the school offered no response and instead has caved to the demands of a small group of student's who want Lee and everything he stood for repudiated.

            For now they have won their fight to remove these flags, but they or others like them will continue their crusade with revolutionary fever to destroy Lee's image in its entirety. The current president, the successor to Robert E. Lee, has now become the nations most notorious grave robber. These radical students undoubtedly dream of the day that sledge hammers will be taken to Lee's recumbent statue just as the mob in Iraq recently did to the grave of the famed Prophet Jonah. 

B. Frank Earnest,

Commander,  Army of Northern Virginia 

And later….


"The New Bigots"

            A recent event at Washington and Lee University has underscored the growing phenomenon of "South-bashing" in the media and in academia. At the behest of several young law students, that school's President made a decision to remove two St. Andrews Cross battle flags from the Lee Chapel on the campus. Lee Chapel is the burial place of Robert E. Lee, who led the Army of Northern Virginia. General Lee became President of what was then Washington College after the War Between the States and is generally credited with saving the school. The Chapel is a beloved and honored place to the more than 65 million Americans who are descended from those who fought for the South in that conflict. 

            The law students, who call themselves "The Committee", delivered an ultimatum to President Kenneth Ruscio threatening civil disobedience unless certain demands were met. One of those demands was the removal of Confederate symbols from the Chapel, saying that the Christian Cross flags made them feel "unwelcome". On July 8th, Ruscio announced that the flags would be removed from the Lee Chapel. We cannot fathom why anyone would attend a school named after Robert E. Lee and then say they were offended by the St. Andrews Cross flag. Nor we cannot fathom how anyone could take them seriously and cave in to their threats. But in the current climate of 'South bashing', such a radical act as this seems to be accepted as some sort of litmus test for the "politically correct police".

            It appears that those who have a very simplistic view of American history have decided that the 150th anniversary of The Civil War is the right time to demonize the Southern culture, to intensify their vilification of Confederate heritage, and to continue to act as if their actions are some sort of moral crusade.

            We who are of Confederate heritage honor our ancestors for their sacrifice, their perseverance and their astonishing courage against overwhelming odds. These men were our family, our kinfolks, and their blood runs in our veins. But the new bigots of political correctness are exhibiting the same kind of narrow minded prejudice and knee-jerk bias that has always been the enemy of brotherhood and understanding.

            This latest example is the breaking point for us. Our patience with this new McCarthyism is exhausted. These mean spirited attacks upon us come from the same sad place as do all racial, religious, and regional prejudices. They are rooted in an ignorance combined with a sense of superiority. 

            Over 50 years ago, that courageous Southerner Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "I have a dream that someday on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to dine together at the table of brotherhood." And that has happened. We have done that for decades now in the South, in great part because Dr. King did not qualify that dream or put asterisks on it. He did not say that we would dine together in brotherhood only if we dishonored our ancestors or if our family could routinely be called bigots, traitors, and racists. He was a far better and wiser man than that. He meant that we would dine together by accepting our past as it is and that we would understand each other by our shared culture of work and weather and food and music and memory. That way we could strive together to heal the wounds of the past and thus build a proud and loving South, where folks are judged only by the content of their characters.
            Slavery was not the sin of the South, but of the Nation. Chattel slavery existed throughout every colony and state for almost two centuries. Slavery was funded mainly by the Northern banks. The greatest profits went to the North. The North built the slave ships and manned them. The cotton also went North, to the vast textile mills in New England. The North's complicity in prolonging and profiting from slavery is one of the best kept secrets of American history. The work of the slaves helped to build America, both North and South. And yet the South has long been the scapegoat of these attacks from academia and the media.

            The South is the fastest growing economic region in our nation. African-Americans are returning to the South in record numbers, finding a more traditional way of life here and according to many, better race relations. It is long past the time for the new bigots of political correctness to get over their condescending sanctimony and to enter into the real world of brotherhood and fellowship. And it is time they understand that insulting our heritage is not the way to build bridges of progress.

Ben Jones, Chief of Heritage Operations,  Sons of Confederate Veterans

From the New Commander in Chief, Charles Kelly Barrow…. 

      In light of the issues at Washington Lee University, I feel it is important to let the membership know who I appointed to the position of Chief of Heritage Operations. Mr. Ben Jones, currently from Virginia, was a former US Congressman from the state of Georgia. His expertise in dealing with high profile situations is one of the many reasons he was chosen. His diplomatic skills will prove to be invaluable in this position.
     On many occasions he has proven that he loves his Southern heritage by the fights he has already participated in. One of the most recent that many may remember is when he took on Warner Brothers after they announced they would remove the Confederate Battle Flag off the
General Lee, a car he repaired in the Dukes of Hazard. Yes, Mr. Jones is none other than "Cooter" in the hit TV series that still captivates audiences through out the world. He won that battle, as he has many, and brought awareness to the history of the flag, as well as the Southern people. I hope you will join with him as he guides us through the future heritage issues.



In the News…..



Edd Sharp receives an award on behalf of the Ohio Civil War Trails Commission at the Ohio Village

             for the successful completion of the John Hunt Morgan Heritage Trail, June 21, 2014




Camp Ripley Report




Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley Camp #1535

Worthington, Ohio





Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley Camp # 1535

Worthington, Ohio

Camp Ripley Report

Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley Camp # 1535

Worthington, Ohio

Winter, 2012-2013

Camp Calendar

Wreaths Across America Ceremony

Saturday, December 15, Noon at Camp Chase

All Camp Members welcome to attend

Ripley Camp donated $75 for wreaths to be placed at the Confederate Cemetery

Wreaths Across America Program…..“Our mission, Remember, Honor, Teach, is carried out in part by coordinating wreath laying ceremonies a specified Saturday in December at Arlington, as well as veterans’ cemeteries and other locations in all 50 states and beyond. We also organize a week of events including international veteran’s tributes, ceremonies at State Houses and a week-long “Veteran’s Parade” between Maine and Virginia where we stop along the way to spread our message about the importance of remembering our fallen heroes, honoring those who serve, and teaching our children about the sacrifices made by veterans and their families to preserve our freedoms. This week of events is made possible by thousands of volunteers who organize local ceremonies, raise funds to sponsor wreaths, and participate in the events. We receive no government funding.

Lee-Jackson Dinner

Saturday, January 19th , 6 PM 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant

5030 Sawyer Road, Columbus (off Hamilton Ave. by Port Columbus)

General Meeting

Monday, February 11th, 2013, 7 to 9 PM , Donatos Restaurant

(Room Reserved starting at 6:30) Program TBA

1263 Cameron Avenue, Lewis Center (On Polaris Pkwy west of S. Old State Rd)


War Between the States Music of the Era Performed by Steve Ball

March 11th, 2013, 7 PM

More details coming. Mark your calendar. Venue to be announced.


April General Meeting

Details to be Announced. Program Needed. Ideas or Volunteers?


Past Events

Ripley Camp General Meeting of Monday Nov 12, 2012, MCL Cafeteria, Westerville

Program: Book Review, "Lincoln's Marxists" by John McAlister

Oral Book Review by John McAlister

Election of Officers this autumn was as follows:

Commander, Jeff Carithers, Lt. Commander, John McAlister, Adjutant, Rich Sevy, Treasurer, Steve Steele. However, soon after, some changes were made. Commander Carithers relinquished his position as Commander for unforeseen personal reasons. As Lt. Commander, John McAlister assumed command. Also, Steve Steele will have the combined duties of Adjutant and Treasurer.

From Past Commander Croye

Members of Ripley Camp,

Thank you for permitting me to serve as Camp Commander for two years. Although I did not achieve all my goals, we experienced some accomplishments for which our Camp can be proud. My special appreciation goes to Dr. Yoest for exemplary service to our Camp and “The Cause”. There is much more to do and we can work together to do it—and enjoy the doing. Thank you for supporting me!

Bob Croye, Past Commander

Commander’s Comments

I would like to encourage all members to check out our Camp's Website listed at Click on the Events section and Commander's Welcome. They have been updated. We have some great meetings and events coming up this year. I would like to thank Steve Steele for taking on the added responsibility of Camp Adjutant as well as Treasurer. I would also like to thank Gregory Kenny for continuing as our Camp Chaplin. Thanks also to Jeff Yoest for the great job he does in getting this newsletter out. Hope everyone can make the Jackson and Lee Dinner on Saturday, Jan 19th. We have a special after dinner speaker this year. Please give me or Mark Mahan a call or email and let us know if you can make it or not. My phone is 614-771-3699. Mark's is (614) 582-8285. My email address is

See you soon,

John McAlister, Commander

Lee-Jackson Dinner,

Sat., Jan. 19th, 6 PM, 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant

Our speaker this year will be John David Preston (weather permitting) who will speak on The Battle of Wiremans's Shoals

John David Preston is Circuit Judge for the Twenty-fourth Judicial Circuit in Kentucky. He received a bachelor’s degree in history from Harvard University and a law degree from the University of Kentucky. He practiced law in Paintsville, Kentucky, from 1976 to 2005, when he was appointed Family Court Judge. He was elected Circuit Judge in 2006. He has previously served as Commonwealth’s Attorney, Mayor of Paintsville, and State Senator. In 1984, he published the first edition of The Civil War in the Big Sandy Valley of Kentucky. The second edition of the book was released in 2008 and is nearly three times the length of the 1984 publication. And….he’s kin to Jeff Carithers!

Also, as part of the program, there will be a live performance of “Dixie” on the banjo by the grandson of Chet Bennett!

Treasurer’s Report

As of November 12, 2012, Treasurer Steele reports $1524 in our checking account.

Of this amount, $200 is earmarked for the Clark marker, and $110 for Division Dues.

Marker Project

Recently, Editor Yoest sent a letter to the Warren Co. Historical Society to inform them of Ripley Camp’s goal to erect an OHS marker for Gen. Charles Clark, who also served as the war-time Governor of Mississippi. Our intent was to obtain their support and also seek their assistance in finding an appropriate location. I received a call from one of their members on Dec 7th. Our project has already been discussed by their Board, and from our conversation, I believe we have their blessing, which is good news! Working with them, hopefully a good site for the marker can be found. Although financial assistance from the historical society will probably not be forthcoming (a meager budget), having community support is vital. Be prepared to give to our project, according to your means. We can take pride knowing we have already memorialized Generals Ripley, Strahl and Reynolds. Adding Clark will add to our impressive accomplishments!

Museum of the Confederacy

Ripley Camp voted to continue support the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond by a donation of $100.

Roster Info Request

The Camp is trying to update information on all members. If you find any errors or omissions in your contact data, please get in touch with Commander McAlister. We need current mailing and e-mail addresses, as well as phone numbers to better serve you.

Summer, 2012

Ripley Camp Officers:

Commander Robert Croye Lt. Commander Mark Mahan Adjutant David Reed

Treasurer Stephen Steele Editor Jeffrey Yoest Chaplain Greg Kenney

Webmaster John McAlister

Camp Calendar

General Camp Meeting

Monday, July 9th, Old Worthington Library, 7 PM

Finalize slate for elections in September.

General Camp Meeting

Monday, September 10th, Location to be determined

From Commander Croye…..

An enjoyable night of Confederate camaraderie was had last January 21st at the annual Lee-Jackson Dinner held at the 94th Aero Squadron Restaurant. Sharing the evening’s festivities were Bob Croye, Dave Reed, Jeff Yoest, Stephen Steele, Phil Kaufman, Jeff Carithers, Rich Sevy, John McAlister, Al Foose, Chet and Marcia Bennett, Monty and Margaret Chase, Fred and Doris Wilson, Collin and Amy Thomas, Jim and Karen Smith, Mark and Martha Mahan, and Greg Kenney and his guest Jen.

The following members attended our Camp’s Memorial Service at Camp Chase on Memorial Day, May 28th, 2012:

Chet Bennett, Monty Chase, Jeff Carithers, Bob Croye, Al Foose, Andrew Hinkle, Greg Kenney, Mark Mahan, John McAlister, Dennis Ranney, Dave Reed, Ron Roadcap, Tony Ruegger, Stephen Steele and Jeff Yoest. This represents 46% of our total membership… Outstanding! We are grateful for each member who participated in the ceremony. A special “thank you” goes to Capt. Jeff Steiner and Company B, 5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment, serving as our Honor Guard. They received a certificate of appreciation from the Camp, will be given a financial donation and our Camp’s tent fly.

Lt. Commander Mahan read the following at the ceremony…


“The private soldier knows that his valor must pass unnoticed, save the narrow circle of his company: that his sacrifice can bring no honor to his name, no reputation to his family: that if he survives, it is to enter upon new dangers, with but little hope of distinction: that if he dies he will probably receive only an unmarked grave: and yet he is proud to do his duty and to maintain his part in the destructive conflict. His comrades fall around him thick and fast, but with a sigh and a tear he closes his ranks and presses on to a like destiny”

Bishop Stephen Elliot’s Eulogy, Southern Literary Messenger, January, 1863

John McAlister will attend the SCV Annual Reunion (National Convention) in Murfreesboro, Tennessee in July. Thank you, John, for representing our Camp! Sadly, we still remember our dedicated friend and long-time member, Robert Vogt, who died in 2011.

Adjutant David Reed presented War Between the States programs to sixty-five 8th graders at St. Mary’s Middle School in Lancaster and 127 students in the 8th grade at Northridge Jr. High School in Licking County. Well done, Dave!

The following members attended the Hilltop Historical Society’s Annual Camp Chase Memorial Service on this past June 10th:

Monty Chase, Jeff Carithers, Bob Croye, Andrew Hinkle, John McAlister, Dennis Ranney and Jeff Yoest. The elaborate and inspiring program was planned and directed by Monty Chase and his wife Margaret. Included was a band playing period music. Three brothers from Alabama were specially honored, all three having died within a week of each other in the prison. One SCV member from the SCV Camp in Cincinnati attended as well as three members from the SCV Camp in Mayfield Heights.

Interesting trivia from the SCV Junior ROTC Hunley Award material…

“There is not a single Army Veteran who can say he has not served at one of the U.S. Military installations named for a Confederate hero….”

Ft. Benning, GA MG Henry L. Benning

Ft. Bragg, NC Gen. Braxton Bragg

Ft. Campbell, KY BG William B. Campbell

Ft. Gordon, GA Gen. John B. Gordon

Ft. Hood, TX Gen. John B. Hood

Camp Lee, VA Gen. Robert E. Lee

Ft. Polk, LA Gen. Leonidas Polk

Ft. Rucker, AL Col. Edmond Rucker

In addition, “ ….at least four U.S. Navy Ships within the submarine force have been named in honor of Confederate heroes or individuals associated with the Hunley. They are…

USS Dixon (AS-37) named for the Hunley’s commander

USS Hunley (AS-31) named after the Confederate sub’s designer

USS Robert E. Lee (SSBN 601)

USS Stonewall Jackson (SSBN 634)

Treasurer’s Report

As of June 19th, Treasurer Steele’s accounting has $1186.27 in our checking account. He also wants to give the Camp a “heads-up” that in about a month members will receive their dues notice letter. Prompt receipt of annual dues is much appreciated and eliminates much confusion and potential re-instatement fees.

Marker Project

As you all know, we successfully culminated our efforts to memorialize Gen. Reynolds last November with the dedication of another Ohio Historical Society marker. This marker joins those already erected for Morgan and his escape from the Ohio Pen, Gen. Ripley, and Gen. Strahl. Long-term goals for Generals Clark, Hatton and Johnson are in the future. However, the leadership of the Camp has decided to take a small “detour” to honor, of all people, a Yankee! The story of Col. Wm. Knauss is well known. As a sympathetic veteran, he found the conditions at the POW burials at Camp Chase deplorable, and vowed to do something about it. The object of much criticism and resistance in his own community, Knauss the old Union soldier, was responsible for the restoration of the Camp Chase Cemetery, and instrumental in establishing the memorial services which have been held there each year for over a century. With the approval of the Veterans Administration (in charge of Camp Chase), Ripley Camp would like to place some type of plaque or stone to tell this story and recognize Knauss as a man of compassion who became an advocate for his fallen one-time enemies. He had nothing to gain and much to lose for what he did. His was an example of what the best of our natures can accomplish, and his dedication to this cause did much to foster fraternal relations between men who once faced each other on the battlefield.

Next General Meeting…

Be at the Worthington Public Library, 820 High St., on Monday, July 9th Enjoy an evening with your Ripley Camp compatriots and an evening of lively discussion!

Free Tickets…..

The camp sends a modest donation to the Museum of the Confederacy each year. As a result, we are given four complimentary guest passes for free admission to the museum in Richmond. If anyone is going to Richmond and would like to visit the M of C and would like the passes, please contact Editor Yoest. I will send them to you. They are good through October.

*Apologies from your Commander and Editor. The Ripley Report has been past due. Efforts will be made to bring you our Camp newsletter on a more timely and regular manner.




December, 2010


Camp Officers

Commander: Robert Croye       

Lt. Commander: Mark Mahan       

Adjutant: David Reed                

Treasurer: Stephen Steele       

Chaplain: Greg Kenney       

Webmaster: John McAlister

Editor:  Jeffrey Yoest       

Past Commander: Collin Thomas


This is the new slate of Camp Officers elected at the last Regular camp meeting in September.

Each will serve a two–year term until September, 2012.

Camp Calendar


Saturday, January 22, 6:30 PM, Lee-Jackson Dinner,  94th Aerosquadron Restaurant

February, Executive meeting, place and time to be announced

March Regular Meeting, tentatively planned for the Myers Inn Museum in Sunbury. Details TBA

Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th, Camp Chase Memorial Service

June 13th (Monday), 7 PM, Regular Meeting, Veterans Memorial

September 12 (Monday), 7 PM, Regular Meeting, Veteran’s Memorial


Last Regular Meeting

The last Regular Meeting was held at the Veteran’s Memorial in downtown Columbus. In attendance were Bob Croye, Chet Bennett, Steve Steele, Dave Reed, Collin Thomas, Mark Mahan, Greg Kenney, Tony Ruegger and Jeff Yoest. The main issue of Camp Business were elections of Camp Officers. Commander Thomas passed the torch to Bob Croye. We thanked Collin for his leadership over the past two years, and welcomed Bob as our new Commander, confident that his many talents will enable him to steer us most ably in all our efforts and challenges. He will be supported by our new Lt. Commander, Mark Mahan. Thanks to Mark for agreeing to take on this responsibility. Dave reed will assume Bob’s old duties as Adjutant. Steve Steele, Jeff Yoest and John McAlister will continue on in their present positions of Treasurer, Editor and Webmaster, respectively.

The night’s program was “Show and Tell”. Everyone shared a story, relic, or information of interest to the group. Chet Bennett shared some of his extensive research on Roswell Ripley that very few are aware of. The General was very ingenious, and was responsible for a great many patents and manufacturing innovations. Chet talked about many of his accomplishments, especially during the times after the war he was residing in Britain. Bob Croye shared some Confederate currency and some stories about his family on the WVa/Va line near Bluefield. Mark Mahan shared recollections of a childhood elderly neighbor who was actually born a slave! Tony Ruegger shared war-era family artifacts, saying that his family served on both sides. Greg Kenney shared a very interesting family genealogy and a religious background appropriate for a Camp Chaplain! Steve Steele also talked about his ancestors and association with McNeil’s Rangers, and the embarrassing capture of Gen. George Crook. It was a most interesting and enjoyable evening.


Next Event



Don’t forget the Lee-Jackson Dinner,

Saturday, January 22, at the 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant near Port Columbus!  Social Hour begins at 6:30. Everyone can order individually from the menu.This is Ripley Camp’s main social event of the year. Family and          Guests are welcome to come.


Commander’s Comments

Though we currently have 27 members as compared to 45 some years ago, we can nonetheless muster the energy, creativity, vision, hard work, devotion to duty and faith to accomplish what needs to be done to honor the legacy of our Confederate ancestors. We need each member to join together in the front ranks to accomplish our mission, whatever endeavor that may be.  Quite a few of our members live in other states or in Ohio far from Columbus, but they stand fast with us for the Cause. We greatly appreciate their support and special financial contributions.


Treasurer Stephen Steele reports that our annual donation of one hundred dollars was sent to the Museum of the Confederacy in Richmond, Virginia. They acknowledged our contribution with a letter of appreciation.

He also reports that nine members of our Camp voluntarily paid the Ohio Division dues of $10. A check for $90 has been sent to Division Commander Michael Lawson.


The year 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the War Between the States, and we must resolve to appropriately acknowledge our Southern Heritage. Please share with any of the officers ideas which can strengthen our camp and make it more effective. Thank You!


Lt. Commander Mark Mahan has made arrangements for us to enjoy our annual Lee-Jackson Dinner at the 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant near the Port Columbus Airport on the Saturday, January 22, 2011. The social hour will begin at 6:30 and dinner will be served at 7 o’clock. We will order from the menu like last year’s event. Plan to attend for an evening of fun Southern fellowship. Family and guests are welcome.


Our Executive Committee Meetings are open to all members. We try to transact as much business as possible in order to reduce time spent on such matters at our regular meetings. The next meeting is to be tentatively scheduled for February….TBA. Topics of concern at the last Executive Meeting in October were: Lee-Jackson Dinner, Reynolds OHS Marker in Centerburg, a possible joint meeting with the Sons of Union Veterans at a Restaurant in Sunbury (TBA) and general financial issues. The meeting was held at Editor Yoest’s home and the following Ripley camp members were in attendance…Bob Croye, Mark Mahan, John McAlister, Dave Reed, Stephen Steele and the host, Yoest. Questions can be directed to Commander Croye, 614-846-1629.


Commander Croye has personal copies of a DVD entitled Warriors of Honor. It is a black & white documentary about the faith and legacy of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson using photographs, quotations, Biblical references and re-enacting scenes. This sixty minute production emphasizes the Christian lives of two great Confederate generals. Anyone wishing to borrow the DVD should contact Commander Croye at his phone number previously listed above. It will be sent to you on request.


Of note: Our Chaplain, Dr. Gregory A. Kenney, also serves the US Coast Guard as Chaplain.


Treasurer’s Report


Treasurer Steele’s financial records state that as of December 7th, there was a total of $3,201.43 in the Camp’s funds.

Of this amount, $2015 comes from contributions specifically for the Reynolds marker.

From the Editor

In the interest of better communication within the Camp, the Executive Committee requests that each member send Editor Yoest their current e-mail address. I already have a mailing list compiled, but addresses change and I may not have everyone’s. Sending notices, announcements and reminders is much easier to accomplish using electronic communication than telephone or postage. I can be reached at


I have been working closely with John Morgan for the erection of another Ohio Historical Society historical marker in Centerburg, the birthplace and home of Confederate Gen. Daniel Harris Reynolds. The town fathers have officially given their blessings to this project, and the collection of funds to date has gone well. We now have just a bit over $2000 in the bank. We estimate another $500 will be needed. For those of you who have already contributed to this Ripley project, we thank you. However, we still have a number of Ripley camp members who have given nothing. This is a Camp project, and the nature of our goal strongly warrants support by everyone who would be a member of the SCV. We are placing a perpetual monument to an Ohio Confederate general who hailed from Central Ohio in his youth. It is a very tough economy, and many of us have been strapped with financial burdens. However, everyone as a member of Ripley Camp should give something.  In doing so, we all will enjoy  the satisfaction of a personal and collective effort. Have you done your part?  If not, send your contribution to:

Treasurer Steele, P.O. Box 196, Etna, OH  43018-0196.


I received the following message from Monty Chase of the Hilltop Historical Society this autumn concerning the VA’s restoration of the statue, markers,  and attention to vandalism that occurred this year at Camp Chase…..


“Good afternoon Sir,

      As a board member of the Hilltop Historical Society, and as a longtime advocate for the preservation and protection of the historic cemetery, I want to thank the Sons of Confederate Veterans and especially Mr. Fred Wilson and Mr. John McAllister for their attendance at yesterday's re-dedication ceremony.

       I also want you and the SCV to know that the preservation and protection of this hallowed ground is of the utmost importance to me personally and to others who hold positions within the Hilltop Historical Society.  On the occasion mentioned, we had an opportunity to meet with the Columbus Police Department and the Executive Director of the Dayton National Cemetery who as you know, oversees the cemetery.  From that meeting, I gained personal satisfaction that ALL parties have a common purpose that these American Confederate soldiers and citizens final resting place will NOT be desecrated and disrespected by criminal behavior.

       Therefore, I say to the SCV, you have and have always had for the past half-century (l live and have lived my entire life's 63 years in the cemetery's vicinity) my fullest commit to this end.

       With warmest regards.

 Monty Chase (Cemetery namesake's cousin), HHS past president/current board member


Thanks to Fred and John for attending and representing the SCV.


In the News……….





Ripley Report Summer/Autumn 2010  Click Here   (Word.doc 6.6 MB)












Upcoming Events 

April 29, 7 – 10 PM………..……….Southern Cotillion

May 29 (Memorial Day), 3 PM….…Camp Chase Ceremony

June 10th……………………………Regular Meeting

June 23-25………………………….Newark Reenactment.

July 7-10……………………………McConnelsville Memorial Service and Reenactment.

                                                                       Help needed for Recruiting Tent at both Reenactments


September…………………………Regular Meeting (elections)

Upcoming Events


The annual Confederate Memorial Day observance held at Johnson's Island POW Camp Cemetery will be held Saturday, April 29th, 2006. The hosts for this year's event are the Lt. General James Longstreet Camp #1658 Sons of Confederate Veterans and the LaSalle Corbell-Picket Chapter #2070 United Daughters of the Confederacy.

The march across the causeway by Confederate re-enactors will begin at 12:30pm and the ceremony at the cemetery by the Lookout Monument will start at 1:00pm. Everyone is encouraged to be at the cemetery by 12:00pm in order to be parked, relaxed, and as to not to interfer with the march across the causeway (as this is the only road onto and off the island).

The ceremony is open to all members and families of the Sons of Confederate Veterans, United Daughters Of the Confederacy and all other loyal Southerners and descendents of Confederate ancestors.

Note: normally the toll gate leading onto the island is left open for us on this special day, but there has been occassions when this didn't happen. The toll to get onto the island is $2 per car, should the toll gate not be in the raised position when you arrive. (2 one dollar bills are needed to raise the toll gate)

 In Honor of Old Virginia,

Scott Morris


Also, I received the following from Dick Huffman, President of the Hilltop Historical Society:

“As always the Hilltop Historical Society extends a warm invitation to you and your members to attend the 111th Annual Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery Memorial Service at 3PM on Sunday, June 4, 2006.This year's guest speaker will be Paul Clay.  Paul was the lead researcher in determining the exact location of Camp Chase and made the large map of the Camp that I have used for display at the ceremonies in the past few years.”

President Huffman encourages anyone in our Camp to attend.


     Sandy McCann, President of the Dixie Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, extends an invitation to all members of Ripley Camp to attend the 104th  UDC Ohio Division Meeting. It will be held May 12 – 13 in Mount Vernon. Members might be specially interested in hearing Jim Gibson’s Friday evening presentation, “Uncle Dan’s Last Tour”, having to do with the famous author of “Dixie”’s last tour and the reception he received in Southern cities. As you know, Dan Emmett was born and buried in Mt. Vernon. The activities begin with cookies, punch and a tour at 5:30 at the Dan Emmett House. Afterwards, a buffet dinner will be held at the Dan Emmett Conference Center at 7 PM, along with a silent auction of costume and reproduction Victorian jewelry. The evening will culminate in Mr. Gibson’s talk.

     Saturday the ladies will have their business meeting at the Knox County Historical Society. The Convention will conclude with a Rededication ceremony of the Dan Emmett Monument originally placed by the Ohio Division of the UDC in 1931. It is located on the lawn of the Memorial Building. Thanks to Sandy for so kindly inviting us to their Convention!

      For more information, contact Sandy at 740-625-6799 or Reservations are required, and requested by May 1st. Commander Reed and Editor Yoest also have info, reservation forms and directions available.

 Recent Events

On January 14th, Ripley Camp enjoyed the Lee-Jackson Gathering at Flanagan’s Tavern near Gahanna, to honor the memory of Generals Lee and Jackson. Attending were Bob Croye, Chet Bennett, David Reed, Collin Thomas, John McAlister, Bob Sturgill, and the Jeffs  Steiner and Yoest. You can be sure that any congregation of  SCVers will be attended by lively conversation and big stories. This evening was no different. Those unable to attend missed a very enjoyable evening of good food, drink and comaradarie!

The first, of what is planned to be an annual event, the General Ripley Dinner was held at Milano’s Steakhouse in Columbus on Friday, March 17th…..a Southern celebration in an Italian restaurant on an Irish holiday….who says we of the SCV don’t celebrate diversity! Attending were unofficial emcee Bob Croye, Commander Reed, Phil Kaufman, Collin Thomas, Steve Steele, Chet and Marcia Bennett, David and Donna Bennett, John Bennett, Mark and Martha Mahan, KC and Becky Jones, and Jeff and Sarah Yoest. All agreed the food was delicious, service excellent, and room perfect for our needs. Everyone had a most pleasant evening. It was especially nice to see David Bennett and his wife Donna, who live in Dover. As always, Bob Croye provided a raffle and prizes for the attendees. He has done this every year, and has personally gone to the trouble and expense to make this a tradition at our yearly formal gathering. Many left with variety of very nice gifts.


Compatriot Yoest regrets that he will be unable to attend the Annual Camp Chase Memorial Service this year (he will be visiting family in Iowa over the Memorial Day weekend). The Camp needs a member to volunteer to coordinate this year’s ceremony. Jeff will also help anyone who takes on this honor, as he has done so numerous times in the past. Please contact Yoest or Commander Reed if you are willing to help. The service is scheduled for Monday, May 29th (Memorial Day)at 3 PM. We are limited to this date by regulations of the Veterans Administration.

Commander Reed assures us this is not an event to be missed!

In the News………………..


The Virginia Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans congratulates the House of Delegates for passing SB 401 by a 94-2 vote. This bill took on a life of its own and became the biggest “little bill” seen in the General Assembly in many years. Emails, letters, and phone calls from across the nation flooded the General Assembly. Legislators received as many as 500 inquiries regarding this bill. This bill is so very important in that it will provide funding for the beginning of the restoration of Oakwood Confederate Cemetery in Richmond, Virginia. We congratulate the Virginia General Assembly for realizing that this neglected cemetery is in much need of repair and has been a disgrace to both the City of Richmond and the Commonwealth of Virginia, the political agents who sent these men to their deaths.
Legislators from across Virginia have learned that this cemetery, containing 17,000 Confederate graves, has been left in a state of total neglect and is truly a national issue. Soldiers from every Southern state except Missouri are buried at Oakwood.
Senate Bill 401, patroned by Senator Emmett Hanger, will provide both the funding and legal status for the Virginia Division Sons of Confederate Veterans to change Oakwood from it’s present condition to the Arlington National Cemetery of Confederate cemeteries and a reason for all Americans to visit the City of Richmond to learn about the War Between the States and why these men fought for the cause they died for.

For further information, please contact Brag Bowling at 804-389-3620.

Although the following has previously appeared in the Ripley Newsletter, Editor Yoest thought  members might again inspired by the prayer of an unknown Confederate soldier found in a churchyard cemetery in South Carolina……..

I asked God for strength that I might achieve,

I was made weak, that I might learn humbly top obey…

I asked for health, that I might do greater things,

I was given infirmity, that I might do better things…

I asked for riches, that I might be happy,

I was given poverty, that I might be wise…

I asked for power, that I might have the praise of men,

I was given weakness, that I might feel the need of God…

I asked for all things, that I might enjoy life,

I was given life, that I might enjoy all things…

I got nothing that I asked for, but everything I had hoped for,

Almost despite myself, my unspoken prayers were answered,

 I am among all men most richly blessed.

Thanks to Bob Croye for donating postage for this newsletter. Bob’s constant generosity towards the Camp is very much appreciated! Another example of Bob’s character is his personal dedication to the cause of our organization. He writes:

“As I have done for the past several years, I placed a live Christmas wreath (red bow, pine cones and berries) at the monument in Camp Chase Memorial Cemetery a week before Christmas. A week after Christmas I retrieved it. The wreath represents each of us as we remember those Confederates who gave their all for the Cause”.

We appreciate his noble gesture on our behalf to honor the Southerners who perished in the most inhumane of circumstances for their country.


From the Commander….

Dear Folks,

    Just a few comments.  I read about the ceremonies held in Malta at
Lt. Commander Brian McKee's church.  Several people from the Ohio
Division and UDC were in attendance.  From our camp was Steven Steele,
Bob Croye, and Brian McKee.  It was good that we honored Lovett who
engraved the Confederate penny.  They also honor Gen. Otto Strahl who
was from there.

    K.C. Jones set up our SCV recruiting tent on Saturday (July 9th).   
Commander Reed arrived late on Saturday with his son Jonathan and friend
Max McClary.  Dressed at Senator Jeremiah Clemens of Alabama, I
entertained the ladies and gentlemen at the ball.  So many pretty young
ladies and so few gentlemen! Several members and former members
attended the ball, Brian McKee, K. C. Jones, Jim Boggs, Mikey Strawser, 
future member Mike Conway, Jeff Stiener, Gary Shaw, and Commander Reed.

    On Sunday Commander Reed set up a display of SCV materials and books
and artifacts and lots of flags.  Many people stopped by and I met
several people from other camps.  Tim Redmond from the Lisbon Camp and
Ernie Parnell from the Cincinnati Camp. I hope we can attend the event at Caesar Creek in September.

      Thanks to Mikey Strawser for making a Camp Ripley banner used at McConnelsville. It was on display at the last meeting.

        We discussed the possibility of changing the Lee - Jackson Dinner into a salute of our Generals at a tavern instead of dinner.   We discussed the ideal of having the formal dinner around March 18 (to honor our namesake, Gen. Ripley on his birthday) when the weather is better.  Jeff Stiener, who is a bartender at Flanigans in Gahanna, has suggested we come
there for the January salute.

          Also under consideration is having the cotillion in April or early May.  Jeff
Stiener and I are looking into places in the Gahanna area for the Ball. 
If anyone is interested in joining the committee of K.C. Jones, Donna Ryan (SUV), Jeff Stiener and David Reed, please let me know.

        Bob Croye is considering some of our suggestions for the book committee.  We discussed books for elementary schools.  We have researched Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, and "Turn Homeward Hannalee", all 5th to 9th grade books.  Commander Reed has purchased nine books of "Turn Homeward Hannalee" for Saint Mary's School in Lancaster.  He teaches there once a year.  Another good book is Charles Adam's "In The Course
of Human Events"
.  We strongly support this book as it gives a number of causes for the war which are not taught in schools or presented in traditional histories.

      One of the Camps in the Division needs to host the March Convention of the Ohio Division.  We are centrally located and could easily reserve a library room.  We need to vote on this.

    Dennis Rainy presented what the Veterans Administration is doing at Camp Chase. Dennis is leading an effort to erect tombstones for the men who were buried in Eastern Cemetery in 1861and 1862 (the city cemetery near what is now Children’s Hospital, before they started burying the dead on location at Camp Chase),

They included a native American Confederate, two servants of Confederate soldiers, and two black free soldiers. He would also like to get tombstones for the four men who's bodies were stolen by bodysnatchers and sold to medical schools.  Dennis is going to keep us abreast of progress at Camp Chase.

    Commander Reed is sending a request to new VA director McDonald for our ceremony at Camp Chase.  I was hoping that the Ohio Division had heard about their request for a Confederate Day of Remembrance from Governor Taft.

Thank you,

Commander Reed

Treasurer’s Report… Collin Thomas gave the Camp’s financial report for Treasurer Phil Kaufman, who was unable to attend. The Camp presently has $1210 in the coffers. Also, at the time of the meeting, Treasurer Phil had only received six renewals for dues (however, Commander Reed had a number of re-ups to turn in).

Welcome New Members! We welcome into the Camp Shawn Welch, Jeffrey Steiner, and William Perry. Shawn lives in the Indian Lake area of Logan County. Jeff is an associate member and is a bartender at Flanagan’s Tavern in Gahanna. He has offered his establishment as a host site for meetings if we wish for a place to gather.

Dues are Due! Everyone needs to pay their National and Local Camp Dues. National dues are still $20, unless received after November 1st, when you will be assessed a $5 reinstatement fee. Local Dues are $10. Send your dues to Treasurer Phil Kaufman ASAP. Two separate checks are needed, $20 made out to "Sons of Confederate Veterans" and $10 to Treasurer, SCV Camp #1535. FYI, SCV Membership now exceeds 33,000 members.

Division Editor Needed! Anyone interested in serving as the Ohio Division Editor, please contact Jeff Yoest ( We need someone to head up communications within the Ohio confederation…..preferably someone with good computer/internet skills, as the bulk of correspondence will be sent via e-mail.

New Members Needed! For the SCV to remain strong, we must constantly recruit new members. Participation is now not just limited to those with Confederate ancestors. Associate members can be recruited, who can enjoy all the benefits of membership, except voting. Help keep our Camp strong by bringing in more "troops".

September 12th Regular Meeting The last regular meeting was held at Vet’s Memorial in downtown Columbus on Sept. 12th. In attendance were Reed, Croye, Chet Bennett, Yoest, Steele, Jones, Baugess, Collin Thomas, Ranney, Welch and guest Mickey Strawser. With us were the speaker, Mr. Ernie Parnell, accompanied by his wife. Earnie is retired military, but has a museum of the WBTS  and cafe in Maysville.  His ancestors are from Charleston, South Carolina.  He is a reenactor and a member of the Cincinnati Camp.  He gave a very interesting talk about history and Southern Heritage

Items of Discussion During the Business Meeting:

Bob Croye made a motion to donate $100 to the SCV Heritage Fund. He also made a motion to donate $200 to the reconstruction efforts required to restore Beauvoir, Jefferson Davis’s home, so terribly damaged by Katrina. Both motions were seconded and approved by the Camp. However, the $200 to Beauvoir was contingent on some research to insure the money is sent to a reputable source dedicated to that project.

Camp Chase and Dennis Ranney’s efforts to have the VA erect stones for those who perished but are not represented by a marker. Dennis has done an incredible amount of research on the subject, and we hope one day he will produce a book about was he has uncovered.

Dues…many have not paid to date

From Ohio Division Webmaster John McAlister….Compatriots: I have made some changes to the Ripley Website you may be interested in.  As you may know, our site is accessible through and clicking on our site or you can go to: . First check out the pictures of the Ohio Div Convention posted at: Second:  if you would like your Confederate ancestor listed on our website, let me know.  I will post your name and your ancestor's name and state at on the Research Page.. Scroll down to ANCESTORS OF RIPLEY CAMP MEMBERS. If you have anything written about your ancestor in electronic format, I can post it on a separate page, just as I have done for Pvt. Tarver who was my own ancestor.  Email the information to me. Finally I have volunteered my services to the Ohio Division to update the Division Website 

Prefer to get your newsletter by E-Mail? Please contact Editor Yoest at if you would rather receive your Ripley Report via the internet. This saves the Camp on printing and postage costs.

National and Division News

The following was sent to me by Mike Lawson of Patton Camp. No doubt you will enjoy Gen. Hill’s reflections on the war and reconstruction. These comments were made 23 years after the surrender. An address by Lieutenant-General D. H. Hill, on Memorial Day, June 6th, 1887, at Baltimore, before the Society of the Army and Navy of the Confederate States in the State of Maryland.5th. Results of the War. I would place first of these the general diffusion of love for the Constitution of the United States. Time was when the South-hating philanthropists denounced it as "a covenant with death and a league with hell," gotten up by the slave-power in the interests of slavery. But in 1861, the philanthropists experienced a change of heart, and ever since have talked of the Constitution as that "sacred instrument," that "bulwark of freedom," that "palladium of liberty," etc., etc. I am glad of their conversion, suspiciously sudden though it was, and I hope that they will never fall from grace. As a stalwart Presbyterian, I believe in the perseverance of the saints.

        2d.--Change of views in regard to the intellectual, moral and social status of the Negro. The philanthropists used to tell of the cruelty and brutality of slaveholders to their slaves, and said that they had reduced the negroes to the lowest state of ignorance, barbarism and bestiality. But in the reconstruction period, the philanthropists underwent a radical change of views and discovered that these negroes, whom they had described as more savage and degraded than the barbarians on the Congo, were not merely enlightened and civilized enough to be freemen and voters, but also to be United States Senators and Congressmen, Foreign Ministers, Consuls and Marshals, Governors of States, Judges, Members of State Cabinets, &c. I am glad that the philanthropists found out that the Old South had trained its slaves so carefully for these high and responsible duties. No other masters in the world's history ever gave such training to their slaves. The 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments to the Constitution of the United States are the grandest possible eulogies to the Old South.

        But there was one great error in this training. The simple-hearted, confiding Southern masters, always careless of their own money, did not teach their slaves to be cautious about their investments, and tens of thousands of these credulous creatures put their money in a bank in Washington, established by the philanthropists, and lost it all.

        3d.--Development of Great Men. I love to hear the praises of the wonderful deeds of McClellan, Grant, Meade, and Hancock, for if they were such great warriors for crushing with their massive columns the thin lines of ragged Rebels, what must be said of Lee, the two Johnstons, Beauregard, and Jackson, who held millions at bay for four years with their fragments of shadowy armies ?

        Pile up huge pedestals and surmount them with bronze horses and riders in bronze. All the Union monuments are eloquent of the prowess of the ragged Rebels and their leaders. Suppose the tables had been turned, and that either of the five Southerners named above had been superior to his antagonists in all the appliances and inventions of war, and had been given, moreover, an excess of two millions of men over them, how many statues, think ye, my countrymen, would there be of bronze warriors and prancing chargers ?

        The Congressmen from the Old South have voted liberally for all legitimate pension bills to Union veterans, for they know what a tough job it was for the 2,859,132 Union soldiers, with their magnificent outfit, to overcome the 700,000 Rebels, poorly fed, poorly clothed, and poorly equipped. These pension bills are splendid tributes to the pluck, patience, perseverance, and fortitude of the chivalry of the Old South. Source: Southern Historical Society Papers, Vol. XVI. Richmond, Va., January-December. 1888. 

Buffington Island Wreath presentation.

I arrived at about 9:30. There was a good size WBTS camp set up with sutlers and all. It looked really good. I had a nice surprise when I was in the Confederate camp trying to recruit men for the SCV. I had the chance to meet and speak with Past Division Commander, and Camp 1720 Commander Edd Sharp. It was a pleasure to talk with him about the days events and projects he is working on, mainly the Morgans Trail project. He has done a lot of work on this! I did extend to him the Divisions support, and assistance, in this endeavor. He invited myself and my family for a battlefield tour he was giving, but regrettably I had to get the little ones home.

At about 11:30 I was called up to speak before a group of about 25. My speech was brief and centered mainly on the Confederates who had fought and died at that location. About 14 wreaths were presented at the Monument there. I am attaching photo(s) with this mailing.

A member, James Chapman, of the Garnett Camp 1470 from WV was also there and presented a wreath on behalf of their camp. He has extended an invitation to the Ohio SCV to a get together for future projects, picnics, etc...

I think the day went well and I believe our host, Kieth Ashley, was pleased with the days events. I expressed to him our desire to return again next year and he seemed to like the idea. I do hope we can muster more men and maybe a presenter and wreath from each camp. Kick the idea around, we could do the same for Johnsons Island and others, maybe even an honor guard made up of members from each camp.

Please contact me back with any comments or ideas so we can spread them through the Division.
Thanks for your time gentlemen,
Michael "Bulldog" Lawson
Ohio Division Lt. Commander
Adjutant/Genealogist Camp 2021

Future of Confederate White House Unknown

By DIONNE WALKER, Associated Press WriterSat Jul 23, 4:29 AM ET

In the 1800s, the idea of a separate Southern nation seemed real enough to warrant a grand executive office — a Confederate answer to the White House that would symbolize the lasting Dixie empire. Officials chose a hilltop mansion in the Shockoe Hill section, a former doctor's home that dominated the then-sparse landscape. But what was once a Civil War centerpiece is now an afterthought. Curators of the Museum and White House of the Confederacy say runaway development from nearby Virginia Commonwealth University has all but erased the site, cutting into attendance and threatening to elbow the landmark right out of the city. A group of state lawmakers met Friday to discuss ways to save the 187-year-old site, including moving the entire complex. "We are simply in their way and their expansion is simply in our way," executive director Waite Rawls III said during the first of four scheduled public meetings. Rawls told the 11-member panel of the challenges facing the complex, including limited parking, incessant construction noise and looming buildings that leave the historical site lost in the mix.

All have contributed to shrinking museum attendance — from a peak of 91,000 in the early 1990s to just 54,000 visitors this past year. Raised in 1818, the building was scheduled for demolition by the 1890s. Members of the Confederate Memorial Literary Society saved the home, converting it into a museum. Society members later restored it as a home in the 1980s; a separate museum housing artifacts such as Confederate flags and period paintings now stands next door. The committee will review such solutions as relocating the museum or even the entire complex. The state-convened panel can only make recommendations for the privately owned site; the literary society has the final word, offficials said.

From the Commander-in-Chief

Gentlemen: This is a report to SCV members on the current status of the legal actions pending against the SCV.

1. Tennessee Court refuses to give coup Conspirators lawyers' fees from SCV treasury, but allows them to refile their motion at later date.
2. New legal action filed in Mississippi seeks to appropriate $3.5mil fund from SCV and revoke everything gained in last 5 months.
1. Lawsuit in Maury County, Tennessee
On August 15, 2005, the attorney (Hardin & Parkes) for the coup conspirators appeared in the Maury County court, asking that the court force the SCV to pay the approximately $48,000 in legal fees incurred by the conspirators in their failed attempt to overthrow the elected National SCV administration. The court had decided on March 9 to vacate the Temporary Restraining Order issued on February 17 and to return the elected administration to office, but the question of the legal fees was not decided at the March hearing.  The Court did not award the conspirators any legal fees at the August 15 hearing.  However, this refusal was because of a technical issue ;  namely, that Hardin & Parkes could not speak for the SCV (the named Plaintiff in the case) because the coup plotters sued in the name of the SCV and when the court did not grant the preliminary injunction and restored the Sweeney administration, the plotters lost their standing as plaintiffs.  But the Court granted the i!
 ndividual conspirators who initiated the suit the right to intervene to file a motion for attorneys' fees (to be heard at a later time) and required Hardin & Parkes to provide an itemization of their fees.  The new motion will probably be heard in September or October. We do not know at this time how the court will rule, but if the ruling is against the SCV, we will definitely appeal.
2. Legal Action in Jackson, Mississippi
A legal action was filed against the SCV in Jackson, Mississippi on August 1, 2005, by Robert Murphree. Mr. Murphree is a member of the SCV and is also the legal counsel for the Combined Boards of Beauvoir. The legal action is actually a "Motion to Intervene" in a 1993 lawsuit filed against the SCV in regard to the Brooks Fund. This Fund is still operating under the original court order. In his legal action, Mr. Murphree asks the court to:
a.  Transfer  the assets of the $3.5million Brooks Fund to the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Division, SCV.
b.  Throw out the results of the April Special Convention and overturn the ruling of the Tennessee court.
c.  Restore all the coup conspirators to the GEC.
d.  Overturn the merger of the Mississippi corporation into the Texas corporation.
e.  Muzzle the Confederate Veteran as a means of communication between the SCV administration and the members.
We have secured legal counsel in Jackson and intend to vigorously fight against this frivolous motion.
Denne A. Sweeney, Commander-in-Chief
Sons of Confederate Veterans fax: 972.692.8677

Announcing the inaugural conference of the Stephen Dill Lee Institute, 14 - 15 October 2005  |  Columbia, SC
The S.D. Lee Institute will be a two-day Southern heritage seminar designed specifically for SCV members.  This will be an outstanding opportunity for you to learn from some of the best minds the South has to offer.

Program will include:
Thomas DiLorenzo author of The Real Lincoln on "The Economic Agenda of Lincoln's War against the South"
Emory University professor Donald Livingston on "Lincoln and Slavery"
Constitutional scholar Marshall DeRosa on "The Confederate Constitution's Contribution to American Government"
Walter Brian Cisco, author of biographies of Wade Hampton and other Southern heroes on "Northern War Crimes: A Survey"
Prof. Clyde N. Wilson, editor of the Papers of John C. Calhoun, on "States Rights: Our Fathers' Faith" Randall Burbage on "The Story of the Hunley"
Compatriot John C. Perry - Former ATM Dept Commander, author of Myths & Realities of American Slavery: The true history of slavery in America.

In addition to these outstanding presentations, we will have a reception Friday night for all participants, and an open panel speakers' discussion where all participants can put questions to the whole faculty. The program will conclude with a banquet Saturday night. Arrangements are currently being made for the location of the meeting.
The cost of the entire program (including the reception and the banquet) is just $50 for SCV members and $75 for non-members. To register, or for more information, visit For questions contact Chris Sullivan: or (864) 271-6810. OFFICIAL SCVNEWS POST

Nashville Reunion

The 110th SCV annual general reunion/convention was held at the Music City Sheraton, Nashville, TN from July 20-23, 2005. The Reunion was a great success with over 660 registered members, representing over 300 camps, in attendance. Elections for vacant GEC positions in the AOT and ATM were held, a vote was taken on whether to merge the old MS Corporation into a new TX corporation, and many other important issues were decided in the business sessions which are summarized in the next section.

Jefferson Davis’s home, Beauvoir severely damaged by Katrina

This dispatch was received from Ed Funches in a report to the SCV:"Ben, I was finally able to get in touch with Rusty Trowbridge, the finance officer of Beauvoir.  Rick Forte, the chairman of the Board managed to get down there yesterday.  The Beauvoir house is still standing, blown out underneath, and no front porch.  The furniture and belongings are still inside the floor level, which as you may remember is about 10 or more feet off the ground.  The new presidential library has had the ground level floor blown out, but the upper floor is present.  By the way, Jefferson Davis is still on his horse on the lower level of the library, the Confederate flag still draped over his arm.The gift shop, museum, Hayes cottage, the directors home, and the replica of the veterans home is gone.  The tomb of the Unknown Confederate Soldier is intact as is part of the cemetary.  The security people are on site.  It is a nightmare mess, but the home is certainly restorable.  This is what I know second hand, since I have not been able to contact Rick Forte myself".

In a subsequent update, he writes, "All the buildings are gone with the exception of the library and the mansion itself.  Our security people are present, along with the Facilities manager and his two workers".

The Indiana Division, Sons of Confederate Veterans , will conduct a
memorial ceremony on Saturday, September 24, 2004 at the Confederate
Mound in Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana

The event will commemorate the sacrifice of the 1616 Confederate soldiers who died in the Camp Morton Prisoner of War Camp between 1861 and 1865.  The 1616 dead include the remains of 25 Black Confederates who declined their freedom and remained imprisoned with their white counterparts.  The service will begin at 11:00 AM with the Presentation of Flags by re-enactors from the 50th Virginia Infantry. Immediately following will be remarks by Indiana Division Commander, Ronald W. Mertz of Avilla, Indiana followed by an address by historian and former Kentucky Teacher of the Year, Mr. David Chaltas.  Mr. Chaltas will speak in the persona of General Robert E. Lee and deliver an address entitled, "With Sacred Principles to Maintain".

Ronald W. Mertz, Indiana Division Commander

Camp Ripley Report    Summer, 2005


Comments from Commander Reed - July 14,2005


Just a few comments. I read about the ceremonies held in Malta at
Lt. Commander Brian McKee's church. Several people from the Ohio
Division and UDC were in attendance. From our camp was Steven Steele,
Bob Croye, and Brian McKee. It was good that we honored Lovett who
engraved the Confederate penny. They also honor Gen. Otto Strahl who
was from there.

K.C. Jones set up our SCV recruiting tent on Saturday. Mickey
Strawser made a vinyl banner with our Camp name and SCV on it.
Commander Reed arrived late on Saturday with his son Jonathan and friend
Max McClary. Dressed at Senator Jeremiah Clemens of Alabama I
entertained the ladies and gentlemen at the ball. So many pretty young
ladies and so few gentlemen. Several members and former members
attended the ball, Brian McKee, K. C. Jones, Jim Boggs, Mikey Strawser,
future member Mike Conway, Jeff Stiener, Gary Shaw, and Commander Reed.
On Sunday Commander Reed set up a display of SCV materials and books
and artifacts and lots of flags. Many people stopped by and I met
several people from other camps. Tim Redmond from the Lisbon Camp and
Ernie Parnell from the Cincinnati Camp.

I hope we can attend the event at Caesar Creek in September. Dues are due after the National Convention. I would like everyone please have them paid by he meeting Sept. 12 at
Veterans Memorial at 7 pm. I am working on a speaker right now.

Thank you,

Commander Reed


Camp Ripley Report    Summer, 2005

Mark you Calendars for the upcoming events:

Sunday, May 29th,       Camp Chase Memorial Service, 3 PM 

Saturday, June 11th      General Camp Meeting, Vic Jeffrey’s Place, 6 PM

Upcoming Events

Camp Chase Memorial Service: The annual Camp Chase Memorial Service will be held Sunday, May 29th at 3PM. Camp Chase is located at 2900 Sullivant Ave. in Columbus. We look forward to honoring the Southern soldiers who died in this Northern prison camp so far from their homes and family. Last year our service was denied by the VA, so we are happy to continue our tradition this year. Mark your calendars. Please note that in the preceding newsletter, the date was erroneously listed as Saturday. It is SUNDAY.

Next Camp Meeting will be at Saturday, June 11th, 6 PM at Vic Jeffrey’s Place, 8060 Concord Rd., just east of Johnstown. Once again, we will be treated to an artillery demonstration by Jim Boggs. Except for the wheels (Amish made), Jim made all the parts of the cannon himself….an incredible piece of artistry! For those of you who have never witnessed the spectacle of a fieldpiece firing, it is an event not to be missed. For those who have already had the pleasure (Jim has been kind enough to do this several times for us in the past), you will want to see it again. Several members of the 5th Ky. Reenactment group will be there to practice their artillery skills. The Camp will provide hot dogs and beverages. Members are asked to bring a dish or snack for a potluck picnic. Also, congratulations to Jim Boggs who just recently received his theology degree. He is a man of many talents! To get to Vic’ from downtown Johnstown, go southeast on route 37. Just out of town, turn left on Concord Rd. Travel east on Concord for a mile or two. Vic’s address is 8060 Concord Rd. His place is on the left or the south side.

March 14th General Meeting. Present at the last Camp meeting at Vet’s Memorial were Compatriots Reed, Croye, Sevy, Yoest, Steele, Jones, Baugess, Wilson and potential member Ranney . Commander Reed gave an interesting presentation about the WBTS in Alabama near LaGrange.

April 2nd Ohio Division Meeting was held at the Worthington Inn. It was a very productive meeting, and we were honored by the presence of  Army of Tennessee Commander tarry Beasley, who drove to Ohio with his Adjutant all the way from Memphis. After lunch at the Worthington Inn, all walked down the street to admire the new OHS marker erected by our Camp to recognize the birthplace and achievements of our namesake, Roswell S. Ripley. From there is was a nasty walk in the snow and wind to the Worthington Library for the annual Convention. Several issues of business were discussed and acted upon. Elections were held at the conclusion of the Convention.

From Ohio Division Webmaster John McAlister:

Compatriots: I have made some changes to the Ripley Website you may be interested in.  As you may know, our site is accessible through and clicking on our site or you can go to: . First check out the pictures of the Ohio Div Convention posted at:   Second:  if you would like your Confederate ancestor listed on our website, let me know.  I will post your name and your ancestor's name and state at on the Research Page. Scroll down to ANCESTORS OF RIPLEY CAMP MEMBERS.  If you have anything written about your ancestor in electronic format, I can post it on a separate page, just as I have done for Pvt. Tarver who was my own ancestor.  Email the information to me.

Finally I have volunteered my services to the Ohio Division to update the Division Website  I have already made some changes to the site during the transition period of the new Division Commander, Scott Morris and Lt. Commander Mike "Bulldog" Lawson.  Mike is also a webmaster and has put up a great site for their camp in Boardman  Capt. Thomas Patton Camp 2021 The Ohio Division got a very high compliment with the attendance of Army of Tennessee Commander Terry Beasley, who made the trip from Memphis for the convention.  With more and more people researching the WBTS on the internet it is imperative that we have a web presence for recruitment and communication to our members. Best regards, John McAlister

From Commander Reed:  I have taught twice in the last few weeks.  On April 14th I attended a Cub Scout Pack at Alton Darby School with about two dozen boys and twenty adults.  They asked me to teach the boys about the Civil War. 
Since they were planning to go camping, I talked to them about the life
of a civil war soldier in camp. I showed them hardtack and other types
of food soldiers ate.  The boys enjoyed seeing my cannon and grape shot,

mini balls. and a three pound cannon ball.
     For the past nine years I have been teaching about the Civil War to
the fifth grade at Winterset Elementary on the Northwest side of
Columbus.  I show them uniforms, weapons, foodstuffs, and pictures from
the war.  They enjoy the etiquette of the period, language of the fan
and the life of the women of the period.  We discuss the history of the period.
     On Thursday May 12 I will be lecturing 70 some eighth graders at the
Catholic school across from Sherman's home in Lancaster.
For two hours we show uniforms, weapons, foodstuffs, pictures, and the
etiquette of the Civil War.  We set up a camp and fifty some tombstones
to tell the history of the War.  The young people enjoy when we fire the
muskets as the very end.

Results of  Special Convention, held last month in North Carolina:   More camps represented than at any other previous SCV gathering (379). Amendment #1, to limit the number of past Commander-in-Chiefs with voting privileges on the General Executive Council to only the preceding three, as opposed to all past CiC’s having voting privileges. Passed by 96% (yea, 1616, nay, 74, 11 abstentions). Amendment #2, to eliminate the Military Order of the Stars and bars from the General Executive Committee. Passed by 93% (yea, 1565, nay, 125, 11 abstentions). Chet Bennett was present to represent our Ripley Camp. Scott Morris was present to represent the new Quantrill Camp.

Presentation of SCV Medal to ROTC Cadet.  On Saturday, April 23, Brian McKee represented Ripley Camp at the ROTC Military Ball at Ohio University to present the SCV Ribbon to the top MS4 Cadet. Compatriot McKee also presented a copy of the book “Robert E. Lee: An Album”, by Emory Thomas, chosen and donated by Bob Croye for the occasion. McKee enjoyed the event tremendously, not only to represent the SCV, but also as a chance to return to OU, his alma mater. The event was a wonderful opportunity to provide positive publicity for the SCV. Lt. Col. Chase, professor of military science and ROTC Commander, made reference to the “War of Northern Aggression”, when introducing McKee. Obviously, the commandant was familiar with the true nature of the conflict. McKee made the awards in Confederate officer’s uniform and received many compliments from the ladies in attendance on his elegant attire, which they deemed much more attractive than today’s US issue….perhaps another reason the South should have won!

Welcome New Members!  Ripley Camp #1535 welcomes into our ranks two new members, Fred Wilson and John Morgan. We also are happy to have Jeff Stiener join us with associate member status. He lives at 432 James Rd. in Columbus. An associate member is one who can partake in all Camp activities, except voting. They wish to join an SCV Camp (and pay camp dues), but do not have a documented Confederate ancestor. It is a great way to swell the ranks and promote what we are about.

Did You Know that Camp member Brad Tilton is also the current Ohio Department Commander of the Sons of Union Veterans? His dual membership illustrates the fact that the WBTS split many families as to where their individual loyalties and opinions lay. We are proud to have SUV Commander Tilton be a member of our Camp….a man who honors the service of all his American ancestors, be they Yankee or Confederate.

United Daughters of the Confederacy Convention Invitation

     Ms. Anna Marie Corbin, President of the Albert Sidney Johnson Chapter #1480, United Daughters of the Confederacy, hostess of this years 102nd Annual UDC Convention, has invited all SCV members of the Ohio Division to attend.
     I regret to say I will not be able to attend as I had hoped. If it is possible for you to attend and represent the SCV please contact Ms. Corbin as soon as possible. We must support our Confederate sisters at every occasion.

Event information:
Friday, May 13th 7:00pm Welcome Banquet and Historical Evening
Saturday, May 14th 7:30am Breakfast with family and guests
Saturday, May 14th 9:00am to 1:00pm All gentlemen are invited to socialize during UDC business meeting.  All events will be held at the Marriott Cincinnati North.
Point of Contact: Ms. Anna Marie Corbin, 2630 Westfield Ave, Dayton, Ohio 45420-2378 (no telephone or email information provided).
Scott Morris-Commander, Ohio Division

Prefer to get your newsletter by E-Mail?  Please contact Editor Yoest at if you would rather receive your Ripley Report via the internet. This would also save on printing and postage costs.

I hope to see you all at the Camp Chase Service and next meeting. Have a great summer!


Camp Ripley Report    Spring, 2005

Mark you Calendars for the upcoming events:



Monday, March 14thRegular Meeting at Vet’s Memorial, Room 205. 7 PM

Saturday, April 2nd,   Ohio Division Convention,  Worthington Library, 11 AM

Saturday, April 9th,    Buffington Island Symposium, Old Portland School, 12 PM

Sunday,   May 29th Camp Chase Memorial Service, 3 PM 



The Annual Lee-Jackson Dinner was held at the Bogey Inn on Friday evening, January 28th.  It was originally scheduled for the 22nd, but pending inclement weather prompted a decision to change the date. Attendance, considering the last minute change of date and always present threat of hazardous travel in January, was better than expected. Enjoying the even were Bob Croye, David Reed and guest Gary Shaw, Jeff Yoest, Bob Sturgill, Mark and Martha Mahan, John and Sally McAllister, Jim and Lynette Baugess, Jim and Karen Smith, and KC and Betsy Jones. Good food, good company and a good time were had by all!  For pictures:  Click Here


Ohio Division Convention.

We as a Camp need to meet on April 2nd at 11AM at the Worthington Public Library to begin the SCV  Ohio Division Convention. The Convention will start by having lunch at the Worthington Inn, We have a reserved room at 11:10 AM.  After the social lunch with members from the other camps we will visit the Ripley House for pictures.  At 1 PM we will meet at the Library for the official SCV Convention.  Anyone with business or amendments to the constitution please let me know.  Scott Morris, the interim Division
Commander, will conduct Division business and officiate the election of officers.  Anyone interested in a Division office please let Scott or myself know.  The meeting should be over around 5PM or earlier, depending on the amount of business.  Please inform me of your intention to attend.  Remember we are the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  They fought in the War, all we have to give them is the honor they deserved.


Southern Cotillion    The Sons of Confederate Veterans of Camp 1535 acknowledged several teenagers at the Southern Cotillion on February 12th.  Pataskala
First Presbyterian Church allowed us to use their multipurpose room for the Cotillion.  Forty-two people witnessed Bob Croye give lapel pins of the Great Seal of the Confederacy to Troy Gromley of Pataskala, Cory Hassell of Gahanna, Jonathan Reed of Columbus, and Michael Ten Barge of Worthington.  He spoke to the cadets of their duty to preserve the traditions and history of the Confederacy.  Commander David Reed had the cadets escort the father and teenage daughter before the assemblage.  Commander Reed gave white roses to the fathers who presented them to their daughters as a symbol of their daughters coming out into society.  The young ladies were Samantha and Regina Ryan of Columbus, Leann Jones of North Lewisburg, and Minerva Gromley of Pataskala.  The cadets and young ladies are all members of the 5th Kentucky Artillery and Infantry Regiments CSA re-enactors.  Elizabeth Reeb called the dancing to the music of The Tri-County Ramblers from Granville.  Reels, line, and waltzes kept everyone busy.  So many Southern desserts of pecan pies, cookies, custard pies and endless dishes were prepared we gave the church leftovers.  Bob Sturgill took lots of pictures, which I hope we will see by the March meeting.  SCV members in attendance were Jim and Karen Smith, K.C. and Betsy Jones, Bob Sturgill, Bob Croye, and David and Jonathan Reed, future members Jim and Linda Boggs and Mike and Linda Conway. We hope to have another Southern Cotillion spring of 2006.  We will participate in the Ohio Statehouse Ball July 22. (submitted by David Reed)


Message from the Commander:
Compatriots, we have had a busy time this winter so far.  Several roundtables have been held, the Lee-Jackson Dinner, and the Southern Cotillion.  I hope everyone finds something of interest. We have many positions in committees still open.  Bob Croye wishes to organize a meeting with the Book Committee to review books and select a direction to proceed.  Jeff Yoest is organizing the Ceremony at Camp Chase Sunday May 29 at 2PM.  I have talked on the phone with the director of the VA Cemetery.  We have permission to proceed with the ceremony.

I hope to see all members at the Monday, March 14th Regular Meeting at Vets
Memorial.  We are scheduled to have a special speaker, Roger Pickenpaugh, talk about Camp Chase. He is currently writing a book on the subject. He has informed us that his daughter is due to have her child within a couple days of that date, so he may have to cancel at short notice. If such is the case, I am prepared to discuss the history of Northern Alabama and the 35th Alabama Infantry Regiment.

David Reed


From Bob Croye:

As has been the custom for the past several years, Bob Croye placed a Christmas wreath at the monument in Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery.  The live green wreath with pine cones and red bow, placed upon a stand, was taken to the cemetery several days before the Holiday and retrieved the first week in January. Remarkably, the wreath was not moved nor damaged. They are not forgotten!


Anyone going to Richmond this year?   Available:  Two free passes to the Museum and White House of the Confederacy in Richmond Virginia. They are valid for any visit in 2005. If you are interested in one or both, call Bob Croye at 614-846-1629 and they will be mailed to you.


Editor’s note-- The fate of the museum is now in question. Compounding the problems of dwindling attendance and a tight budget, the Virginia Commonwealth University Medical Center has begun construction of a 14 story bed tower on the east side of the museum, whose medical complex already looms over two other sides of the museum. The White House of the Confederacy is thus a hidden cultural island in the midst of downtown high-rise modern buildings. The museum board is presently weighing their options. How to deal with this difficult situation will be a challenge. Relocation is being considered. One thing that will NOT happen is ceasing museum operations. If you are interested in this issue, or would like to make a donation to the Museum, go to


In the News….

The Ohio Dept. of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, publishes a periodic newsletter, Ohio Geology. The main subject of its last issue is “The Role of Geology and Terrain in the Success and Defeat of Morgan’s Raiders, a very unlikely subject for a scientific publication!  The six-page article examines how the topography of the Buckeye State had as much to do with Morgan’s failure to achieve his goals as pursuing Federals and local resistance. Even the weather was against him (the high level of the Ohio River due to recent rains allowed Yankee gunboats, usually unable to go so far upriver in normal conditions, to steam up to the Buffington Island vicinity and ultimately shell Morgan’s men during the battle).


An article appeared in the Columbus Dispatch on February 21st in conjunction with the President’s Day Holiday. Two polls asked Americans who they thought were America’s greatest presidents. One poll commissioned by Washington College had Abraham Lincoln getting top honors at 20%. Rounding out the list were Reagan (15%), FDR (12%), Kennedy (11%), Clinton (10%) and our current Chief Executive at 8%. General Washington came in next at 6%. The CNN-USA Today-Gallop poll put Reagan on top with 20%, Clinton and Lincoln were in the mid-teens, Roosevelt and Kennedy were next at 12%, with Washington following. Regardless of one’s political affiliation or place on the Liberal-Conservative spectrum, these results are surprising, and to the editor’s mind, disturbing. It demonstrates a very shallow understanding of our country’s history and an ignorance of the contributions of some of our greatest historical figures. Any student of Washington would be aghast at the results of these polls.


People Helping Others…

Last month Editor Yoest received a phone call from a stranger who identified himself as a member of the SCV. The gentleman, Gary Pierce (member of  the B.G. Humphrey Camp in Indianola, Mississippi) explained that he had a dear friend in Lancaster, Ohio, whose basement had been severely flooded by the recent January rains that have caused so much terrible damage. Mr. Keitz (who began the Camp Chase Gazette magazine years ago) was distraught over the overwhelming task of cleaning up the mess. Aside from the financial burden it placed on him, he did not know how he was going to get the help to physically haul out all the ruined carpet and paneling. Requests for help from his union a a few other sources resulted in some money, but not what he needed the most….people!


Although he would have loved to, Gary was unable to make the trip up north due to help his friend. He took it upon himself to see if his SCV brethren up North might be willing to lend a hand. To make a long story short, Yoest made a couple of phone calls, word got around, and the generous nature of the human heart took over. Don Grant and his son, who also live in Lancaster, promptly contacted Mr. Keitz and in one day helped him remove all the carpet and paneling he could not carry up himself. Despite the fact that the SCV did nothing, Gary so appreciated us facilitating the network of help that he insisted on sending bullets fired at Spanish Fort, Alabama, for each member of our Camp. Gary has a business, Pierce Iron and Artifacts (check out and wanted to share some of his products with our Camp. Thank you, Gary! Editor Yoest will distribute these gifts at upcoming Camp functions (so Attend!).  To find out about the history of Spanish Fort, go to


Enclosed Articles of Interest….

Your Editor’s father is a snow-bird in Florida. He periodically sends me articles of interest. Often, they are by Charlie Reese, who has a column in the Ft. Myers newspaper my father subscribes to. I thought his article, “A Southerner baring souls, cupboards” a very interesting commentary. We often make quick judgements or assumptions about people we think we know. Mr. Reese’s observations and opinions show just how difficult it can be to pidgeonhole people’s beliefs based on their religion, political affiliation, etc. Food for thought. No doubt you will agree, as well as disagree, on some points this self-professed Southerner makes. Also enclosed is an article taken from the Columbus Dispatch concerning a new exhibit at the Hayes Presidential Center in Fremont. “Civil War POWs: Excavating Johnson’s Island Prison” opened earlier this month and will run through July 4th.


Rather Receive your Ripley Report Newsletter by E-Mail?….

For those computer savvy compatriots who might prefer to receive their newsletter via e-mail, please contact editor Yoest at Paperless communication has its advantages. The Camp could cut down on printing and postage costs. If any of you prefer this method, contact me. We will not do away with the snail-mail, but a dual system is certainly possible.


The Central Ohio Civil War Roundtable will hold a meeting at 7:30, March 8th at the Westerville Electric Company, 139 E. Broadway. Park historian Timothy Smith will discuss his book, Champion Hill: Decisive Battle for Vicksburg.  For info, call 296-9060




Camp Ripley Report    Winter  2004-2005


Brigadier General Roswell S. Ripley Camp # 1535

Worthington, Ohio


Mark you Calendars for the upcoming events for 2005


January 28th, Lee-Jackson Dinner at the Bogey Inn. 6PM

February 12th, Southern Cotillion at the Pataskala Presbyterian Church, 7 PM

March 14th, Regular Meeting at the Courthouse Pub. 7 PM

April 2nd, Division Meeting, location and times TBA

April 9th, Buffington Island Symposium

May 28th, Camp Chase Memorial Service, 2 PM  (pending permission from VA)



The Annual Lee-Jackson Dinner will be held at the Bogey Inn on Saturday evening, January 28th. The social hour will begin at 6 PM with dinner following at 7 o’clock. Banquet menu of Rosemary Garlic Chicken and Grilled Salmon. A cash bar will be available. We have reserved a private room with fireplace. For reservations, please call Commander Reed at 888-9843 ASAP. Cost per meal will be roughly $16.



Commander Reed is planning a Southern Cotillion for February 12th  at 7 PM at the Pataskala Presbyterian Church. In the tradition of a “coming out” ceremony for Southern Belles and recognition of young Southern Gentlemen and Cadets, beat the winter blahs with an old-fashioned southern social complete with period dress (not required), dancing, live music, refreshment punch, games and song. Dancing will be led by Elizabeth Reeb. For those wishing to brush up on their dance skills, there will be informal dance instruction at the Reynoldsburg Library on January 5th.  Another instruction opportunity will be held the 25th at another location to be announced. Price of admission is a Southern desert per couple. Contact Commander Reed for details.


The March 14th Regular Meeting will be held at the Courthouse Tavern (tentative location). Members will notice that we have already had several meetings at this establishment. The proprietor, Mark Scram, is a Civil War buff and has been very gracious in extending special arrangements for our meetings (unfortunately, the Schrams have sold the establishment and its management will change hands this Spring). One of the oldest Columbus taverns still in operation, the location was frequented by Confederate POW’s from Camp Chase who had lenient visitation rights to the downtown in the early days of the war. Camp Chase will be the topic of discussion. Our speaker, Roger Pickenpaugh, a published author from Caldwell, Ohio, is currently writing another  book about Camp Chase.


New Division Commander Scott Morris has tentatively scheduled the Ohio Division Meeting for the first weekend in April. He has requested that Camp #1535 host the event in Central Ohio. The goal of the Division is to provide the individual camps with better communication, cooperation and fraternization within Ohio. Commander Morris is presently searching for a Division Adjutant. If anyone is interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Commander Reed or Commander Morris.


Past Division Commander Edd Sharp is organizing a Buffington Island Battlefield Symposium to be held on April 9th.  This is planned as an educational event to bring attention to the importance of Ohio’s only major Civil War battle. A tour of the site will be provided attendees and there will be a ceremony to honor those who fought and died there. The event is open to all.  Contact Edd for more information,


Treasury Report. As of early November, the Camp had $1250.68 in the coffers. Treasurer Kaufman said that several members sent in their dues past the deadline, which requires a $5 late fee. Since International Headquarters moved up the deadline this past year for the submission of camp funds, late fees ($30) will be paid for by the Camp. Next year, members who send in their dues past the deadline will be required to pay the additional $5 late fee. Dues are now $20 for International, $10 for local Camp dues. Please send in your dues ASAP after receiving Treasurer Kaufman’s notice next year.


Bob Croye has donated two mint-condition sets of books from his personal library to the Central Crossing High School library (South-Western City School District). One is the classic series by Alan Nevins, The Ordeal of the Union (1847-1865). Six of the eight volumes deal with the War Between the States. The other set, The Time-Life Pictoral History of the Civil War, contains 25 volumes. The nameplate in each book indicates it was donated to honor the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Our Camp has donated several new Confederate books to this library because it serves both the high school and the Grove City Public Library. Nameplates have been placed in each book to indicate they were donated by Camp #1535. Chaplain Jim Baugess handled the arrangements with the librarian who accepted our contributions with much appreciation. Thanks to Bob for this generous offering from his personal collection, and thanks to Jim for his contacts with the library. Those who do not appreciate Southern history are those who know nothing about it. Hopefully, these books will be sources of information so many can learn about the deeds and character of our ancestors.


In the News……


Perhaps some of you saw the article that appeared in the Columbus Dispatch recently about the ‘body snatchers’ at Camp Chase. At the last Roundtable at the Courthouse, Thursday, December 9th, Mr. Dennis Brooke spoke about this interesting story. Dennis has done extensive research trying to find out what happened to the handful of deceased prisoners who were dug up at Camp Chase on the night of November 24th, 1864. We were told body-snatching was a very common (although illegal) practice carried on by a very organized network of perpetrators, who supplied a market for cadavers for medical schools at the time. The bodies stolen from Camp Chase in all likelihood traveled by rail to the Cleveland Medical College where they underwent dissection by students. Mr. Brooke would like to see an appropriate group such as the SCV recognize these Southern victims with headstones or similar monuments so they will not be forgotten.


As most of you are probably aware, The Friends and Descendants of Johnson’s Island have raised enough money to obtain a 3-year mortgage on 17 acres of the prison and Ft. Johnson. Johnson’s Island is presently prime real estate for residential development, and without the efforts of The Friends, the site of the former Confederate prison will soon be lost. The note and mortgage are due in October, 2005. A sum of $290,000 is needed to pay of the debt and place the 17 acres in permanent conservancy. If this effort is successful, Heidelberg College will probably assume stewardship of the land. Obviously, there will be an aggressive fund-raising campaign soon to achieve this goal. Anyone interested in contributing to this worthy goal to protect an Ohio WBTS site should call 419-448-2327 or e-mail More information can be found at the website at


Thanks to Bob Croye, the Worthington Memory Project now has her famous son, Gen. Roswell S. Ripley featured on the website. Photos of our Camp’s Marker dedication are also available, as well as a biography written by our own Chet Bennett. Susan Allen, of the Worthington Public Library, who is coordinating this project, was very happy to have the information we provided her on Ripley. To view the site, go to and type in ripley under the search box.


To All Compatriots and Their Family,

Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year!!


The following letter was sent to the VA regarding their denial of our event at Camp Chase scheduled for May/04:


Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley Camp #1535

Sons of Confederate Veterans

Worthington, Ohio

Jeffrey P. Yoest, Camp Adjutant

98 S. Grove St.

Westerville, OH  43081-2007



Saturday June 5, 2004


Brig. Gen. J. W. Nicholson

Under Secretary for Memorial Affairs

U. S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs

National Cemetery Administration

810 Vermont  Ave. N. W.

Washington, D.C.   20420

Dear General Nicholson,

     This spring the Brig. Gen. Roswell S. Ripley Camp #1535 of the Sons of Confederate Veterans requested permission from the Director of the Dayton National Cemetery of the Veterans Administration to have our annual Memorial Service at the Camp Chase Confederate Cemetery in Columbus Ohio on May 15th. As you are aware, the Camp Chase Cemetery is where the remains of over 2000 Confederate soldiers rest after perishing as prisoners of war. As descendants of Confederate soldiers (some in our Camp actually have ancestors buried there), our Camp has held an annual memorial service at the site for the past 6 years. We have always requested permission from the Director of the Dayton National Cemetery. This year we were denied permission. We had always assumed permission was a formality and courtesy for what we considered our right. That evidently is not the case. This came as a great surprise to us. It was also a major inconvenience, as we were notified by FedEx letter only 52 hours prior to the service. A great deal of time and effort was involved in the planning of our ceremony, which had to be cancelled at the last moment.

     Mr. Lovett, Director of the Dayton National Cemetery, has been most cooperative and cordial in providing us with the VA’s regulations and how they should be interpreted. We understand the restrictions as they apply to flag displays, and Mr. Lovett has forwarded to us the written rules pertaining to such. He explained to us that flag displays were synonymous with ceremonies…. both were limited to only Memorial Day and Confederate Memorial Day, or an alternative day in states where it is not recognized, as in Ohio. The result of these regulations is that it is only permissible to have a service to honor the dead on Memorial Day or one other day as approved by the VA. To do otherwise would be a violation, the penalties of which are rumored to be substantial.

     We now understand the rules. We fully abided by the recent ruling and made no demonstration of the VA decision in defiance of the edict. Our memorial service was held in a hotel banquet room where the United Daughters of the Confederacy were holding their Ohio Division Convention in Dublin. Unfortunately, it was a most inappropriate setting.

     The purpose of this letter is to inquire about the rationale behind the VA two-service/year limitation. As you might suspect, there has been much speculation within our organization as to the reasons for this rule, especially considering the unpleasantries surrounding the lawsuit pending with Pt. Lookout in Maryland. No one would argue that the VA does not have the obligation to manage cemeteries under their control with rules and regulations. Yet it seems a contradiction that your government agency, dedicated to the service and memory of American war veterans, would exercise such stringent restrictions on those who wish to honor soldiers in a cemetery supposedly maintained for that very end. These restrictions also seem to be at odds with the citizenry’s right to freely assemble and express their respects within the bounds of free speech as guaranteed by the First Amendment. It just doesn’t make sense to us.

      Perhaps there are very logical and appropriate reasons for the VA’s position. Knowing these reasons would do much to allay our suspicions that only Confederate cemeteries are subject to this rule or that Confederate groups, such as the Sons of Confederate Veterans, are being discriminated against in an arbitrary manner. We are acutely aware of the inflammatory issues associated with the Confederate cause and its symbols. We also understand why many in our society recoil at the Confederate battle flag and what it represents to them. However, we interpret its meaning in a completely different manner, and see it as a symbol of sacrifice and heroism, and fitting for display in the context of Camp Chase memorial services. Yet flag display is only of secondary importance. The prohibition of our ability to congregate at Camp Chase on 363 days of the year is our greatest concern. All we wish to do is remember those who gave the ultimate sacrifice via an organized memorial. Why does your agency severely limit such demonstrations of respect?

      It is our sincere hope that the Sons of Confederate Veterans and the Veterans Administration can maintain a relationship of mutual understanding and cooperation in the years to come. After all, your administration and our organization are both dedicated to honoring veterans. We would therefore hope that two groups dedicated to the same principles could maintain a friendly association predicated on the same objectives.

     As previously mentioned, we have been provided with written copies of VA rules. What we desire is an explanation of why only two ceremonies are permitted each year in VA administered cemeteries. To quote one of the founding fathers in the VA’s website : "A popular Government without popular information or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives."   -James Madison.

     We look forward to your reply.


Jeffrey P. Yoest, DDS

Adjutant, SCV Camp 1535



Winter, 2004 Newsletter


The first thing you will notice about this newsletter is its new format. Unfortunately, it is not the attractive version we have become accustomed to over the past many years. Previously, we enjoyed one of the best newsletters produced by any Camp in the SCV. This was due to the tireless work and generosity of Camp Editor Bob Vogt. Bob collected the information, put all written reports and contributions (in addition to photos and graphics) together into a professional publication. Not only did Bob do this gratis via his business, Printing Arts Press of Mt. Vernon, Bob also paid all postage costs from his own pocket. This not only included the newsletter, but the numerous flyers that notified the Camp of our various activities. His devotion to our organization and generous nature would prevent him from accepting offers to be reimbursed for any expenses. However, the time has come for Bob to step down from his duties as Camp Editor. New family obligations will require more of Bob’s time and he will no longer be able to volunteer services he has provided so many for so long. We will now better appreciate his incredible contributions to our Camp! Bob will continue his membership in the SCV and we hope to see him at future Camp functions. Thank you, Bob, from all of us!  We all wish you well with the new changes in your life. And please don’t be too critical of the mailings from the Camp you will now receive!

P.S.- Anyone who might consider serving as Camp Editor, please contact any Camp officers.


Next General Membership Meeting

The next general membership meeting will be held at Hoggy’s Restaurant, Monday, March 15th at 7 PM. Hoggy’s is located at 1370 E. Johnstown Rd. (at the corner of Morse Road and Rt. 62 in the Gahanna/New Albany area). We will have our own private area for cocktails and dining. Chet Bennett will be speaking on the life of our Camp’s namesake, Gen. Roswell S. Ripley. This presentation will coincide well with this year’s erection of the Ripley marker. If anyone knows more about Gen. Ripley than Chet Bennett, we would be interested to know who that individual is! Plan to attend. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS. NO MEETING FLYER WILL BE SENT.


Lee-Jackson Dinner

The annual Lee-Jackson Dinner was held on Saturday, January 17th at the 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant in Columbus near Port Columbus. Attending the Annual event was Collin Thomas, his brother Scott (newest member of our Camp), Phil Kaufman, Bob Croye, Chet Bennett and wife Marcia, Jim Baugess and wife Lynette, John McAlister and wife Sally, Jeff Yoest, Steve Steele, Dave Reed, and Tim Fulton. Although the turnout was less than hoped (the weather was bad), all present had a very nice evening. Past Commander Chet Bennett personally paid for the option of having a private bar in our dinner room, a generous gesture on his part to keep costs down. Following a delicious meal, Bob Croye served as emcee in the tradition of raffling off gifts, which he so graciously supplies each year. Reports about various Camp projects were given. Bob Croye also received an award recognizing his many contributions to our Camp through the years. Bob was a founding member with Chet Bennett. It would be hard to imagine Ripley Camp without the leadership, humor, fraternity and endless contributions Bob has provided.


Marker Update

As all of you by now are aware, the Morgan marker erected by our Camp in the Arena District was either vandalized our accidentally damaged by heavy equipment (we hope the latter). The marker itself was not damaged and has been recovered, but the post was totally destroyed. A new post of a different design has been purchased and received. Both the sign and the new post are in the possession of the City of Columbus. The park service department will re-erect the marker. Hopefully, this will be done soon. The new Ripley marker, through the efforts of Chet Bennett has been designed, accepted by the Ohio Historical Society, ordered and paid for. Erection of this new historical marker denoting one of six Ohio-born Confederate generals will be placed sometime this spring or summer. Again, thanks to all whose work and money made these permanent recognitions of Ohio’s Confederate history possible.


Book Donation Program

Bob Croye, Jim Baugess and Jeff Yoest have been involved with the Camp’s book donation program. To date, books of WBTS history (fair-minded accounts of Southern history) have been given to the Westerville Public Library and the Upper Arlington Public Library.


Ohio Division News

It’s official! The Ohio Division is a full-fledged Division within the Army of Tennessee in the SCV, now that we have 5 camps in the state. A division meeting to draw up a constitution was held at the Red Brick tavern on October 11th. There were 19 compatriots present, 11 from Tallmadge Camp 1658, four from Bushrod Johnson #1720, and five representatives from our Camp #1535. Much discussion ensued in debating the merits of the two drafts presented, one by Division Commander Edd Sharp and the other from a committee from the Tallmadge Camp. In the meantime, revisions combining points from both versions have been made and a document has been put together for consideration at the next division meeting, which will take place at 1 PM at the Westerville Public Library on Saturday, March 20th. All Ohio Division members having an interest in the adoption of our new constitution are welcome and are encouraged to attend.

The Ohio Division also hosted an Upper Dixie Conference on November 7th and 8th in Sandusky, Ohio. The purpose of this gathering was to allow SCV members from camps in the North to become acquainted with one another, share ideas on how we can work together to promote our ideals and goals, and to inform each other on what type of activities we are involved in. We were privileged to have in attendance Denne Sweeney, Lt. Commander-in-Chief of the SCV, who provided opening remarks. Also present was Jeff Massey, Commander-in-Chief of the Military Order of the Stars and Bars. Several interesting and informative talks were given on Saturday, as well as a tour of the Johnson’s Island Prison site led by archaeologist David Bush, who has done extensive fieldwork at the site for the last decade and is now involved in raising money to purchase 16 acres for preservation against imminent development. This first Upper Dixie Conference was a great success. Compliments to Edd Sharp for spearheading this first meeting for what will hopefully become an annual event. Next year the conference will be hosted by the Illinois Division in Springfield, IL.


Treasurer’s Trumpet

As of February 6th, 2004, our treasury had a balance of $3308.37. Although this is good news soon we will expend a sizeable portion of the funds in the very near future. First, our Ripley marker in Worthington has been ordered and the cost is $1660. Our Morgan marker replacement post is $300, our bill for the wonderful evening at the Lee-Jackson Dinner at the 94th Aerosquadron Restaurant was $550. Thus, after paying these bills we will have approximately $800 to last us until this time next year when our local dues ($10) are once again collected. Presently, 24 members have paid their dues. This is down from a year ago when we had 41 members. I hope to see all of you at our March meeting at Hoggy’s.

Phil Kaufman, Camp Treasurer



As of this printing, the camp has 43 members. Unfortunately, quite a number are in arrears for not paying this years dues, which were delinquent on February 1st. Letters were sent to those individuals. For those who have not paid, please get your Camp ($10) and National ($20 + $5 reinstatement fee) dues sent to treasurer Philip Kaufman, 341 S. Third St., Suite 300, Columbus, OH  43215 as soon as you can. If you have any questions concerning this matter, contact Phil or Adjutant Yoest.


Camp Chase Ceremony

Our annual memorial service to honor the Confederate POW’s who died at Camp Chase will be held on Saturday, May 15th at 2 PM. As in the past, this ceremony will be a private memorial held with the United Daughters of the Confederacy, concurrent with their annual Division Convention. Please show your respect for those Southern soldiers who gave their lives for their country by attending this solemn remembrance. Also, Bob Croye wishes to pass on the following related information:

     “Color Sergeant Jim Smith is the new caretaker of our Confederate flags used for this service and other appropriate camp-sponsored events. Retiring from that position, I turned over to Jim 632 flags, approximately 450 of which were given to our Camp by Dixie Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy long ago. Included in the flag collection is a large battle flag, staff and floor stand given to us by Bob Vogt several years ago. Jim, thanks for your accepting this important responsibility! When Jim calls for volunteers to help place the flags, please answer that call”.

     UDC Ohio Division President Gail Robinson has graciously invited any SCV members (and spouse/guest) to several activities associated with their convention. On Friday evening, our own Phil Kaufman will speak at their 7 PM banquet about his ancestor, Sgt. Richard Kirkland, the “Angel of Marye’s Heights”. On Saturday evening after the Camp Chase Ceremony, we are invited to attend their Buffet Dinner and installation of their new officers. This will take place at 5:30 PM.  The site of these evening activities will be at the Wyndham Dublin Hotel at 600 Metro Place North. The Friday Banquet is $34.50 each, and the Saturday Buffet is $25 each. Any compatriots wishing to attend please contact Adjutant Yoest for reservations.


10th Annual Spring Civil War Ball, Burr Oak State Park, March 13th, 2004

Camp Compatriot Brian McKee passes on this information about those who enjoy period re-enacting. This ball is sponsored by the Morgan County Reenactors Association. Burr Oak State Park is located near Glouster, Ohio. Cost is $25 per couple, $15 per individual ($30/$20 after March 6). Reservations to stay at the Burr Oak Park  lodge can be reserved at 1-800-AT-A-PARK. For more information and reservations, contact Mary Ellen Van Horn at 740-554-7601.


Camp Member Rich Sevy responds to Foolishness

Member Rich Sevy recently took it upon himself to respond to a commentary that appeared last summer in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review by Mike Seate. The staff writer could not comprehend “the unyielding attraction to this remnant (Confederate Flag) of a deposed, anti-American regime”. Space precludes Rich’s eloquent response to Mr. Seate’s ignorance, but suffice it to say his rebuttals of the writer’s assertions were most appropriate. Thanks, Rich, for taking the time to defend what others naively and erroneously interpret as bumpkin bigotry. To paraphrase a similar saying….”It’s a Southern thing….you wouldn’t understand”.